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Wiki Page Large Decorative Chest

File Details

File Name chestmedavian1.object
File Path assets\objects\avian\chestmedavian
inventoryIcon chestmedavian1icon.png

Data Values

Key Value

objectName chestmedavian1
rarity Uncommon
category storage
price 90
race avian
description A chest adorned with ancient Avian art.
shortdescription Large Decorative Chest
tooltipKind container
apexDescription A chest! I should take a look inside.
avianDescription Often these chests are built large to store valuables.
floranDescription Giant Chesst! Floran will ssearch!
glitchDescription Anticipation. What could be inside a chest so large?
humanDescription A fairly large chest! Let's open it up.
hylotlDescription There are few things as exciting as an unopened chest.
novakidDescription A big chest, maybe I can rustle up some supplies.
tags avian, aviantomb, storage