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Wiki Page Club Lamp

File Details

File Name clublampsmall.object
File Path assets\objects\hylotl\clublampsmall
inventoryIcon clublampsmallicon.png

Data Values

Key Value

objectName clublampsmall
rarity Common
category decorative
price 75
race hylotl

description The lamp emits a low, ambient blue light.
shortdescription Club Lamp
apexDescription Just need a fog machine to really give this place a nightclub vibe.
avianDescription I wonder what sort of crystal could give off a blue light?
floranDescription A blue light.
glitchDescription Uninterested. It's a blue light.
humanDescription Ambient lights to set the mood. Which mood? Not sure.
hylotlDescription Just an ambient blue light.
novakidDescription A blue light. Sets the mood.
tags hylotl, hylotloceancity, light