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File Details

File Name cocoaseed.object
File Path assets\objects\farmables\cocoa
inventoryIcon cocoaseedicon.png
Large Image cocoaseed.png:default.3.0

Data Values

Key Value

objectName cocoaseed
rarity Common
category seed
price 23
printable False
description A cocoa plant. Once ripe, the pods can be turned into chocolate.
shortdescription Cocoa Seed
tooltipKind seed
apexDescription A source of cocoa, used to make delicious chocolate.
avianDescription The contents of a cocoa pod can be ground into a tasty paste.
floranDescription When pods are ripe, Floran can make tasssty paste.
glitchDescription Intrigued. A cocoa plant, the origin of chocolate.
humanDescription Cocoa is what chocolate is made from! It's a chocolate tree!
hylotlDescription Sunshine, water, and a little patience is the secret to a bountiful harvest.
novakidDescription Chocolate growin' on trees.
tags nature