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Wiki Page Crystal Plant Seed

File Details

File Name crystalplantseed.object
File Path assets\objects\farmables\crystalplant
inventoryIcon crystalplantseedicon.png
Large Image crystalplantseed.png:default.2.1

Data Values

Key Value

objectName crystalplantseed
rarity Common
category seed
printable False
description A Crystal plant. Truns out money does grow on trees.
shortdescription Crystal Plant Seed
tooltipKind seed
apexDescription Grow your own crystals. Handy.
avianDescription A plant that grows crystals. It's magic!
floranDescription Floran puzzled by shiny plant.
glitchDescription Concerned. Farming these in abundance could damage the economy.
humanDescription When I was little, I always wanted a money tree. This is the next best thing.
hylotlDescription A plant which sprouts glorious glowing crystals.
novakidDescription A famrable crystal! Now we're talkin'!
tags nature