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Wiki Page Cultist Door

File Details

File Name cultistdoor.object
File Path assets\objects\cultist\cultistdoor
inventoryIcon icon.png

Data Values

Key Value

objectName cultistdoor
rarity Uncommon
category door
price 145
race human
description A purple door with an eye, fit for an evil cult.
shortdescription Cultist Door
apexDescription This large eye... Feels like I'm being watched.
avianDescription The eye on this door is clearly some cultist symbolism.
floranDescription Floran does not like thisss large eye door.
glitchDescription Unsettled. The large eye symbol on this door seems to gaze around.
humanDescription This door has a large eye emblazoned on it.
hylotlDescription The large eye symbol on this door is most unsettling.
novakidDescription Get the feelin' somethin' just ain't right about this door.
tags cultist, evil, door

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