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Wiki Page Dirturchin Seed

File Details

File Name dirturchinseed.object
File Path assets\objects\farmables\dirturchin
inventoryIcon dirturchinseedicon.png
Large Image dirturchinseed.png:default.2.0

Data Values

Key Value

objectName dirturchinseed
rarity Common
category seed
price 25
printable False
description Dirturchins are squidgy and kind of tasteless.
shortdescription Dirturchin Seed
tooltipKind seed
apexDescription More of a cheap, common weed than a vegetable.
avianDescription When there's nothing better to eat, dirturchins will do.
floranDescription Dirturchin looks like a tiny, round cactusss.
glitchDescription Disinterested. A boring, common plant.
humanDescription It's been statistically proven that ninety three percent of humans have a phobia of dirturchins.
hylotlDescription Why anyone would eat this is beyond my comprehension.
novakidDescription Dirturchins are as dull as the dirt they grow outta.
tags nature