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Article Page

Wiki Page Eggshoot Seed

File Details

File Name eggshootseed.object
File Path assets\objects\farmables\eggshoot
inventoryIcon eggshootseedicon.png
Large Image eggshootseed.png:default.2.0

Data Values

Key Value

objectName eggshootseed
rarity Common
category seed
price 30
printable False
description Eggshoot, full of runny goodness.
shortdescription Eggshoot Seed
tooltipKind seed
apexDescription The eggshoot has been known to trigger existential dilemmas in birds.
avianDescription Eggshoot - for when Avians want omelettes.
floranDescription Looksss like an egg, doesssn't hatch.
glitchDescription Curious. Avians happily eat these, despite their egg-like appearance.
humanDescription A vegetarian egg.
hylotlDescription An acceptable substitute for those of us who do not eat eggs.
novakidDescription An eggshoot looks like an egg and taste like an egg, but is not an egg.
tags nature