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Wiki Page Fire Fluffalo Egg

File Details

File Name firefluffaloegg.object
File Path assets\objects\farmables\eggs\fluffaloegg
inventoryIcon firefluffaloegg.png:idle.1

Data Values

Key Value

objectName firefluffaloegg
rarity Rare
category farmBeastEgg
price 2500
race generic
printable False
description Hatches into a vulnerable fire fluffalo calf - a good source of scorched cores once fully grown.
shortdescription Fire Fluffalo Egg
apexDescription The egg of a fire fluffalo - this livestock produces scorched cores.
avianDescription It's a fire fluffalo egg. The adults produce scorched cores, which are useful for crafting.
floranDescription Fire fluffalo egg. Floran's no so crazy about fire, but these beassst are useful.
glitchDescription Captivated. This will hatch into a fire fluffalo; an adorable beast that produces scorched cores.
humanDescription A fire fluffalo egg! There's a cute little fire fluffalo inside.
hylotlDescription The egg of a fire fluffalo. These peaceful pastoral animals produce scorched cores for crafting.
novakidDescription A fire fluffalo egg. There's a furry little guy in here.