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Wiki Page Small Primitive Cabinet

File Details

File Name florancabinet2.object
File Path assets\objects\floran\florancabinet2
inventoryIcon florancabinet2icon.png

Data Values

Key Value

objectName florancabinet2
rarity Common
category storage
price 100
race floran
description A cabinet adorned with huge, sharp fangs.
shortdescription Small Primitive Cabinet
tooltipKind container
apexDescription What sits inside a Floran cabinet? I'm afraid to find out.
avianDescription Those are either large teeth or sharp bones atop this cabinet.
floranDescription Floran decorate furniture with fangss. Sharper the better.
glitchDescription Frightened. The fangs on this cabinet are razor sharp.
humanDescription This cabinet has fangs.
hylotlDescription The fangs of some poor creature adorn this cabinet.
novakidDescription The Floran sure do like pointy furniture.
tags floran, floranvillage, storage