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Wiki Page Frontier Windmill

File Details

File Name frontierwindmill.object
File Path assets\objects\novakid\frontierwindmill
inventoryIcon frontierwindmillicon.png

Data Values

Key Value

objectName frontierwindmill
rarity Common
category decorative
price 240
race novakid
description A brass, wood and copper windmill, that spins in the direction of the wind.
shortdescription Frontier Windmill
apexDescription This simple windmill will spin in the direction of the blowing wind. A useful indicator.
avianDescription The propeller on this windmill can tell me the direction that the wind is blowing!
floranDescription Floran wonders if ssspinning bit could be effective weapon...
glitchDescription Observant. The propeller on this windmill appears to indicate the direction the wind is blowing.
humanDescription This old thing has a propeller that spins in the direction of the wind. Neat!
hylotlDescription This spinning propeller can inform me which way the wind is blowing.
novakidDescription This here windmill helps show the strength an' angle of the blowin' winds.
tags novakid, novakidvillage