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Article Page

Wiki Page Hay Pile

File Details

File Name haypile.object
File Path assets\objects\glitch\haypile
inventoryIcon haypileicon.png

Data Values

Key Value

objectName haypile
rarity Common
category decorative
price 70
race glitch
*bed1 - 0 seconds

description A pile of hay. Probably not a great hiding place.
shortdescription Hay Pile
apexDescription A pile of hay.
avianDescription A big, fresh pile of hay. Avians use hay as bedding.
floranDescription Fresh hay ssmells good!
glitchDescription Mischievous. A pile big of hay, enough to hide in.
humanDescription I am tempted to dive in.
hylotlDescription The hay looks soft and smells fresh.
novakidDescription A fresh hay pile.
tags nature