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Wiki Page Heart Forge

File Details

File Name heartforge.object
File Path assets\objects\holiday\heartforge
inventoryIcon heartforgeicon.png
Sound Effect /sfx/objects/furnace.ogg

Data Values

Key Value

objectName heartforge
rarity Uncommon
category crafting
price 0
race generic
printable False

description Just the thing for making a gift to show someone you care.
shortdescription Heart Forge
apexDescription A festive forge with tools for crafting festive decorations.
avianDescription This festive forge will allow me to spread holiday cheer.
floranDescription Floran make pretty red bowsss.
glitchDescription Festive. I shall craft the most delicious gumdrop.
humanDescription I can craft loads of holiday decorations with this forge!
hylotlDescription With this forge, I can create the tackiest of holiday decorations.
novakidDescription This here forge will let me craft festive items!
tags valentines, crafting, light

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