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Wiki Page Vine Pod Light

File Details

File Name huntinglight3.object
File Path assets\objects\floran\huntinglight3
inventoryIcon huntinglight3icon.png

Data Values

Key Value

objectName huntinglight3
rarity Common
category light
price 75
race floran

description A large, luminous pod hanigng from a vine.
shortdescription Vine Pod Light
apexDescription Such a pretty light.
avianDescription A plant that lights up. Remarkable.
floranDescription Plant light not burn Floran.
glitchDescription Impressed. The Floran are able to harness nature most effectively.
humanDescription This light looks like it was grown, not made.
hylotlDescription Even the vile Florans appreciate beauty it seems.
novakidDescription This plant can sure give off some light.
tags floran, floranhuntinggrounds, light, nature