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Wiki Page Traditional Table

File Details

File Name hylotlclassictable.object
File Path assets\objects\hylotl\hylotlclassictable
inventoryIcon icon.png

Data Values

Key Value

objectName hylotlclassictable
rarity Common
category furniture
price 105
race hylotl
description A traditional style table.
shortdescription Traditional Table
apexDescription A good table to conduct research from.
avianDescription This table looks as though it's barely used.
floranDescription Bonelesss table help Floran focusss.
glitchDescription Underwhelmed. One cannot imagine such a table in a fortress.
humanDescription My Grandpa used to own a table like this.
hylotlDescription A fine balance of ornamental and practical.
novakidDescription A strange desk.
tags hylotl, hylotlvillage, commerce