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Wiki Page Ice Fluffalo Egg

File Details

File Name icefluffaloegg.object
File Path assets\objects\farmables\eggs\fluffaloegg
inventoryIcon icefluffaloegg.png:idle.1

Data Values

Key Value

objectName icefluffaloegg
rarity Rare
category farmBeastEgg
price 2500
race generic
printable False
description Hatches into a vulnerable ice fluffalo calf - a good source of cryonic extract once fully grown.
shortdescription Ice Fluffalo Egg
apexDescription This egg holds an ice fluffalo. When the creature is grown it will produce cryonic extract.
avianDescription An ice fluffalo egg. Ice fluffalo are livestock - they produce cryonic extract.
floranDescription There's a fleecy baby ice fluffalo inssside!
glitchDescription Charmed. An egg with an ice fluffalo inside! These adorably fluffy livestock produce cryonic extract.
humanDescription A chilly egg - it's got an ice fluffalo inside!
hylotlDescription The calf in this egg will mature into an adult ice fluffalo one day.
novakidDescription This egg's got an ice fluffalo inside. These creatures tie you down a bit, but they pay you back in produce.