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Wiki Page Industrial Table

File Details

File Name industrialtable.object
File Path assets\objects\space\industrialtable
inventoryIcon industrialtableicon.png

Data Values

Key Value

objectName industrialtable
rarity Common
category furniture
price 85
race generic
description A cold metal table, built to survive turbulent trips.
shortdescription Industrial Table
apexDescription This table looks very sturdy - I'd feel safe hiding under it during an earthquake.
avianDescription There isn't much to say about this cold, impersonal table.
floranDescription Table looksss heavy.
glitchDescription Unimpressed. This table could use a little decoration.
humanDescription If you can't decide how to decorate a piece of furniture, the best solution isn't to put warning stripes on it.
hylotlDescription The shape of this table is so rigid. Where is the elegance?!
novakidDescription Must take a blacksmith a whole day of hammerin' to make a table this flat!
tags commerce, industrial

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