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Wiki Page Island Cabinet

File Details

File Name islandcabinet.object
File Path assets\objects\themed\island\islandcabinet
inventoryIcon islandcabineticon.png

Data Values

Key Value

objectName islandcabinet
rarity Common
category storage
price 135
race generic
printable False
description A tropical looking cabinet, complete with a little tree.
shortdescription Island Cabinet
tooltipKind container
apexDescription This cabinet is far too expressive for Apex homes.
avianDescription This tree is a little small to perch on.
floranDescription Floran likesss thing with tree on.
glitchDescription Amused. There's a small tree atop this cabinet.
humanDescription A cabinet with a little tree on top. How adorable!
hylotlDescription This cabinet reminds me of an island atop the waves.
novakidDescription If that tree were a little bigger, I could lie in the shade beneath it.
tags island, storage