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Wiki Page Laboratory Hatch

File Details

File Name laboratoryverticaldoor.object
File Path assets\objects\mission\laboratoryverticaldoor
inventoryIcon laboratoryverticaldooricon.png

Data Values

Key Value

objectName laboratoryverticaldoor
rarity Common
category door
price 125
race apex
description A sleek vertical doorway, perfect for secret labs.
shortdescription Laboratory Hatch
apexDescription This hatch looks like Miniknog design. It gives me shivers.
avianDescription A finely constructed hatch.
floranDescription Floran doesssn't like shiny doorsss.
glitchDescription Critical. This hatch is made from a smooth white metal.
humanDescription A door that splits into three parts when it opens. Neat.
hylotlDescription A rather elegant doorway that splits in three to open.
novakidDescription A hatch door. Useful in a science lab, I'd bet!
tags door, apex, apexmission1

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