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Wiki Page Neonmelon Seed

File Details

File Name neonmelonseed.object
File Path assets\objects\farmables\neonmelon
inventoryIcon neonmelonseedicon.png
Large Image neonmelonseed.png:default.2.0

Data Values

Key Value

objectName neonmelonseed
rarity Common
category seed
price 70
printable False
description The vibrant flesh of a neonmelon tastes like bubblegum.
shortdescription Neonmelon Seed
tooltipKind seed
apexDescription Juicy, tasty neonmelon. The more vibrant the colour, the better the taste.
avianDescription A juicy neonmelon, filled with delicious luminous seeds.
floranDescription Floran sssmash neonmelon to make sssquelch sounds. Also to eat.
glitchDescription Pleased. I've always thought neonmelon looked delicious.
humanDescription You could eat these, or decorate your room with them. I'm going for the first option.
hylotlDescription Neonmelon is overly sweet to taste. The appearance is exquisite, though.
novakidDescription Neonmelon is tasty lookin' on the inside.
tags nature