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Wiki Page Neon Store

File Details

File Name neonstore.object
File Path assets\objects\neon\neonstore
inventoryIcon icon.png

Data Values

Key Value

objectName neonstore
rarity Uncommon
category other
race generic
printable False
description A store with an assortment of Neon Peacekeeper furniture.
shortdescription Neon Store
apexDescription The individual manning this stall doesn't appear to be a Glitch. Perhaps they are some other kind of automaton?
avianDescription This store's neon aesthetic sure is intriguing!
floranDescription Floran thinksss Floran could beat shop perssson in fistfight.
glitchDescription Intrigued. This shopkeeper appears to be mechanical, but he does not appear to be a Glitch.
humanDescription This guy doesn't seem to say much, but his shop sure looks pretty cool.
hylotlDescription If this shop needs to insist it is "cool" then my expectations are already low.
novakidDescription I sure would like to peruse this here store!
tags peacekeeper, commerce