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Wiki Page Numi Poster

File Details

File Name numiposter.object
File Path assets\objects\hylotl\numiposter
inventoryIcon numipostericon.png

Data Values

Key Value

objectName numiposter
rarity Common
category decorative
price 70
race hylotl
description A poster displaying Numi, mascot from a Hylotl children's cartoon.
shortdescription Numi Poster
apexDescription What's a Numi? Some sort of cartoon character?
avianDescription Numi? It looks a little like a cross between a Hylotl and a bear. Chilling...
floranDescription Sssome fishman cartoon.
glitchDescription Disinterested. It's an advertisement for a children's cartoon.
humanDescription Numi appears to be a mascot for a Hylotl children's cartoon.
hylotlDescription Ahh, I'm admittedly tired of seeing Numi everywhere.
novakidDescription Some kids cartoon character.
tags hylotl, hylotloceancity, pretty