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Article Page

Wiki Page Short Metal Cargo Crate

File Details

File Name outpostcargocrateshort.object
File Path assets\objects\outpost\outpostcargocrateshort
inventoryIcon icon.png

Data Values

Key Value

objectName outpostcargocrateshort
rarity Common
category storage
price 100
race generic

description A small cargo crate. No doubt it has cargo in it.
shortdescription Short Metal Cargo Crate
tooltipKind container
apexDescription A mysterious cargo crate.
avianDescription I wonder what's in here.
floranDescription Floran ship Floran in cargo crate. Leap out. Sssurprise!
glitchDescription Intrigued. A cargo container - anything could be inside.
humanDescription Ooh, cargo!
hylotlDescription A cargo crate of modern design.
novakidDescription A basic lookin' crate. Could hold valuable cargo...
tags outpost, storage, commerce