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Wiki Page Microwave Oven

File Details

File Name outpostmicrowave.object
File Path assets\objects\outpost\outpostmicrowave
inventoryIcon icon.png

Data Values

Key Value

objectName outpostmicrowave
rarity Common
category crafting
price 70
race generic

description A microwave. For when you're hungry enough to nuke your food.
shortdescription Microwave Oven
apexDescription A type of oven.
avianDescription A bizarre cooking device.
floranDescription Floran likess raw meat, sssometimes cooked meat is good too.
glitchDescription Irked. It is encrusted with spattered food, who left it in this state?
humanDescription A microwave. Gotta get me some jacket potatoes.
hylotlDescription A strange, spinning oven.
novakidDescription This lil' rotatin' oven cooks food at speed!
tags outpost, cooking