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Article Page

Wiki Page Famous Poet Portrait

File Details

File Name paintingshakespeare.object
File Path assets\objects\arttrophies\paintingshakespeare
inventoryIcon paintingshakespeareicon.png

Data Values

Key Value

objectName paintingshakespeare
rarity Rare
category decorative
price 700
race apex
printable False
description A painting of a famous, long-dead Earthling poet.
shortdescription Famous Poet Portrait
apexDescription Remarkably similar to the great Apex poet.
avianDescription A solemn human. He wears a plumage.
floranDescription Floran not record the individual, Floran are one.
glitchDescription Observant. This human's clothing would be accepted by the Glitch.
humanDescription I wonder how long ago this guy died...
hylotlDescription For what great deeds is this man responsible?
novakidDescription A paintin' of some bald dude with neck ruffles.
tags human, pretty, valuable