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Wiki Page Pastel Wardrobe

File Details

File Name pastelwardrobe.object
File Path assets\objects\themed\pastel\pastelwardrobe
inventoryIcon pastelwardrobeicon.png

Data Values

Key Value

objectName pastelwardrobe
rarity Common
category storage
price 175
race generic
printable False
description A marvellous pastel coloured wardrobe.
shortdescription Pastel Wardrobe
tooltipKind container
apexDescription A finely decorated wardrobe.
avianDescription This wardrobe is decorated with painted hearts and big star at the top.
floranDescription Floran wantsss to hide in thing.
glitchDescription Impressed. This wardrobe looks like a labour of love.
humanDescription This is a very magical looking wardrobe. Think of all the things that could be inside!
hylotlDescription Fine craftsmanship went into the making of this wardrobe.
novakidDescription I'm likin' the little star decoration at the top of this here wardrobe.
tags pastel, storage