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Wiki Page Peanut Butter Trap

File Details

File Name peanutbutter.object
File Path assets/objects/boss
inventoryIcon peanutbuttericon.png

Data Values

Key Value

objectName peanutbutter
rarity Common
category tools
race generic
printable False
description This could attract anything... I should make sure I'm prepared before using it.
shortdescription Peanut Butter Trap
apexDescription A peanut butter trap. I wonder what this could catch?
avianDescription A trap with peanut butter. Tasty and deadly.
floranDescription Floran use peanut sssquishy to catch thing!
glitchDescription Sceptical. Surely only a tiny creature will be lured in by this.
humanDescription If I'm not careful, I'll get caught in this trap myself.
hylotlDescription A peanut butter trap. I bet this won't attract a thing.
novakidDescription What creature would fall for a trap like this? Let's wait and find out I guess.

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