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Wiki Page Power Booster

File Details

File Name powerbooster.object
File Path assets\objects\ancient\powerbooster
inventoryIcon powerboostericon.png
Sound Effect /sfx/objects/gasbooster_loop.ogg

Data Values

Key Value

objectName powerbooster
rarity Legendary
category trap
fireTime 0.16
price 0
race ancient
printable False
description The gas released from these chutes increases your destructive power.
shortdescription Power Booster
apexDescription This machine appears to boost the power of the subject exposed to the gas.
avianDescription The gas has a pungent odor, it makes me feel strangely energetic.
floranDescription Gasss makes Floran feel strong!
glitchDescription Suspicious. This device appears to have strength giving properties.
humanDescription One whiff of this gas is enough to make me feel strong.
hylotlDescription A foul smelling gas that strengthens your body and mind.
novakidDescription This gas seems to increase my strength.
tags ancient