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Wiki Page Prism Door

File Details

File Name prismdoor.object
File Path assets\objects\biome\prism\prismdoor
inventoryIcon prismdooricon.png
Large Image prismdoor.png:right

Data Values

Key Value

objectName prismdoor
rarity Common
category door
price 115
race generic
printable False
description A smooth door made from a refractive glass.
shortdescription Prism Door
tooltipKind door
apexDescription A smooth, glass door which seems to shine with a spectrum of colours.
avianDescription A finely made glass door.
floranDescription Floran can sssee through door... Can't ussse it for ambushesss!
glitchDescription Impressed. Glass this smooth rarely occurs naturally.
humanDescription This door really catches the light. How lovely.
hylotlDescription This is a door I can really appreciate.
novakidDescription This door is shinin' like a still pond after a storm.
tags prism, door

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