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Article Page

Wiki Page Protectorate Garden Wind Chimes

File Details

File Name protectorategardenwindchimes.object
File Path assets\objects\protectorate\objects\protectoratewindchimes
inventoryIcon protectorategardenwindchimesicon.png
Sound Effect /sfx/objects/windchimes1_loud.ogg

Data Values

Key Value

objectName protectorategardenwindchimes
rarity Common
category decorative
price 100
race protectorate
printable False
description Protectorate wind chimes. These can be found in the garden.
shortdescription Protectorate Garden Wind Chimes
apexDescription These wind chimes give off a pleasant sound.
avianDescription I love the sound coming from these wind chimes.
floranDescription Noisssy chimesss.
glitchDescription Appreciative. These chimes are very calming. I could listen to them forever.
humanDescription Wind chimes! At night they're a bit spooky but during the day they sound lovely!
hylotlDescription The wind is playing with the wind chimes. Lovely.
novakidDescription What a lovely sound.
tags dark