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Wiki Page Retro Table

File Details

File Name retroscifitable.object
File Path assets\objects\themed\retroscifi\retroscifitable
inventoryIcon retroscifitableicon.png

Data Values

Key Value

objectName retroscifitable
rarity Common
category furniture
price 110
race generic
printable False
description A table made in a retro-futuristic style.
shortdescription Retro Table
apexDescription A nice table, really brings a room together.
avianDescription I'm afraid this table would tip over if I placed something heavy on it.
floranDescription Fancy table still good for feasssting on.
glitchDescription Impressed. A particularly well balanced table.
humanDescription This table looks like it could tip over any minute now.
hylotlDescription The beauty in this table is in it's perfect balance.
novakidDescription I envy this table's ability to stay upright.
tags retroscifi