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Article Page

Wiki Page Robot Hen Egg

File Details

File Name robothenegg.object
File Path assets\objects\farmables\eggs\robothenegg
inventoryIcon robothenegg.png:idle.1

Data Values

Key Value

objectName robothenegg
rarity Rare
category farmBeastEgg
price 1000
race generic
printable False
description Hatches into a robot chick and matures into a robot hen. The adult hen lays AA batteries.
shortdescription Robot Hen Egg
apexDescription There's a robot hen inside this egg.
avianDescription It's a robot hen's egg. When the chick inside matures it'll lay AA batteries.
floranDescription Floran can't eat robot hen egg... Floran can't eat robot hen... Floran disappointed.
glitchDescription Appreciative. A robot hen's egg!
humanDescription It's a robot hen egg! I think robot chicks may be even cuter than normal ones.
hylotlDescription A robot hen's egg. The adult hen will lay AA batteries.
novakidDescription This egg's got a robot chick inside it.