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Wiki Page Saloon Piano

File Details

File Name saloonpiano.object
File Path assets\objects\novakid\saloonpiano
inventoryIcon saloonpianoicon.png

Data Values

Key Value

objectName saloonpiano
rarity Common
category decorative
price 160
race novakid
description It's a piano fit for a saloon!
shortdescription Saloon Piano
apexDescription All Apex must learn to play. However, only sanctioned music may be performed. There's a microphone hidden in every piano.
avianDescription The buttons produce pleasant sounds.
floranDescription Floran make musssic from ssskin and bone, master of drum. Not sssilly sssound machine.
glitchDescription Smug. The mathematical principles behind this machine are trivially simple.
humanDescription A piano... I can play Chopsticks!
hylotlDescription Ah, music... It has the power to light up even our darkest hours.
novakidDescription A piano fit for the ol' honky-tonk.
tags novakid, novakidvillage, saloon, musical