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Article Page

Wiki Page Skyrail Station

File Details

File Name skyrailtable.object
File Path assets/objects/crafting/skyrail
inventoryIcon skyrailtableicon.png

Data Values

Key Value

objectName skyrailtable
rarity Legendary
category crafting
price 100
race generic
printable False
description The skyrail station is used to produce skyrails that provide quick transport across terrain.
shortdescription ^orange;Skyrail Station^white;
apexDescription I can craft impressive skyrail parts on this workstation.
avianDescription This is for crafting such admirable structures as skyrails.
floranDescription Floran can make sssskyrail thingsss here.
glitchDescription Excited. A workstation for crafting skyrail parts. I can't wait to get started!
humanDescription I can create skyrail parts from the comfort of this workstation. What a time to be alive!
hylotlDescription Skyrail parts can be crafted on this table.
novakidDescription I can make my own skyrail from parts crafted on this workstation.
tags crafting