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Article Page

Wiki Page Swordstone Seed

File Details

File Name swordstoneseed.object
File Path assets/objects/farmables/swordstone
inventoryIcon swordstoneseedicon.png

Data Values

Key Value

objectName swordstoneseed
rarity Legendary
category Seed
price 200
printable False
description No one knows how this sword got here. Pull it out, it could be legendary!
shortdescription Swordstoneseed
apexDescription An archaic weapon stuck in a rock, how typical.
avianDescription Why would someone leave a sword here?
floranDescription Sssword is stuck!
glitchDescription Confused. Someone left a perfectly good sword here.
humanDescription A sword in a stone? That sounds familiar.
hylotlDescription Nothing about this makes sense to me. Why leave a sword in such a place?
novakidDescription That thing sure ain't going anywhere!
tags odd