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Wiki Page Avian Lamp

File Details

File Name triballamp.object
File Path assets\objects\avian\triballamp
inventoryIcon triballampicon.png

Data Values

Key Value

objectName triballamp
rarity Common
category light
price 45
race avian

description A beautiful lamp built from Avian crystal tech.
shortdescription Avian Lamp
apexDescription This lamp glows brightly without power.
avianDescription Crystal lamps never run out of light.
floranDescription Light remind Floran of red ssssunsset.
glitchDescription Observant. This lamp is its own powersource.
humanDescription The glow from these lamps is ominous.
hylotlDescription The Hylotl could make great use of this crystal technology beneath the waves.
novakidDescription A glowin' crystal. How does it do that?
tags avian, aviantomb, light