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Holiday items and objects are those which are holiday themed, and coincide with a real world holiday.

Holiday crafting tables and merchants are no longer found in the Starbound universe, and as a result, most holiday objects are no longer obtainable by normal gameplay.


Box of Chocolates.png
A small group of Valentine themed items was added with update Enraged Koala. These items are not dependent on any holiday crafting materials, but require a special crafting station to make, the Heart Forge. After the Heart Forge was disabled, these items have become disabled, and can only be obtained by using admin commands.

Materials Quantity Instructions Result




Click E on either a Wooden Workbench or Forge. Then select Heart Forge.
Heart Forge.gif

Cupid's Set
Cupid's Set.png
Heart Wreath Icon.png Heart Wreath
Cupid's Sash Icon.png Cupid's Sash
Cupid's Diaper Icon.png Cupid's Diaper
Cupid's Wings Icon.png Cupid's Wings
Holiday Items



Christmas Season

Holiday Spirit.png
Most Christmas and Hanukkah holiday items were added to the game just after the initial beta release. Originally, holiday items were made at a specialized crafting station, the Toymaker's Table, using a seasonal material, Holiday Spirit, that dropped from monsters. Holiday Spirit was removed from monster drop pools after the holiday event in update Furious Koala, which also wiped universes, and the Toymaker's Table was disabled. This rendered most holiday items disabled.

The outpost holiday merchant.
In update Version 1.2.0 a Holiday Merchant was added to the Outpost to sell these items. He was dressed in a traditional Santa costume, and sold a variety of holiday-themed costumes and decorations. That merchant was disabled in update Version 1.2.2. As a result, the only current method of obtaining these items is through the use of admin commands.
Santa Set
Santa Set.png
Holiday Set
Holiday Set.png

Holiday Merchant Objects
Heart Forge
Box of ChocolatesCupid's BowCupid's DiaperCupid's SashCupid's WingsFlower BouquetHeart Wreath