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This is a list of all Avian characters present or mentioned in the game.

Notable Avian Characters


Chicahua was an Avian captured by a Floran named Maku.


Ironbeak is an Avian on the run from Stargazers, who took refuge aboard a poorly-maintained ship.

According to the character's creator, in another translation, his name could be "Tentepoztic".

Stargazer Papan

Papan was the last Stargazer of the Great Sovereign Temple. As they retired from their duties, they left the temple under the protection of its golem guardians.


Tonauac is the caretaker of the Great Sovereign Temple.


Yani was a female Avian who was dear to Chicahua. When he was about to be killed by a Floran that captured him, he was distressed at the thought of leaving her behind.


Yolotli was a devout Avian who had been chosen as an Ascendant. Believing it to be a great honour, he described his experiences and the preparation process in his diary.

Stargazer Zolin

Zolin was a Stargazer overseeing the Ascension of an Avian from his village, Yolotli.

Beta development

There are a number of other characters who were referenced in the beta versions of the game.


Freefeather was an Avian chosen to become an Ascendant. He withdrew from the Ascension at some point before the ceremony's completion.


Jumpeck was an Avian chosen to become an Ascendant. He withdrew from the Ascension at some point before the ceremony's completion.

K'arn Hollowbeak

K'arn Hollowbeak was an Avian scholar who authored many writings describing religious practices of his people.

Kah'se Seedpecker

Kah'se Seedpecker was a Grounded Avian reflecting on the growing strength of the Grounded cause.


Hish'eth was a member of an assassin group known as the Helion. He had known Thornwing's mother in the past, and was present at the moment of her death. When Thornwing hired Helion to assassinate Larbeak, Hish'eth visited his client after the kill, and gave him coordinates to an unknown location.


Larbeak was an Avian chosen to become an Ascendant. She shared a deep rivalry with her fellow candidate, Thornwing, and was assassinated by a Helion on his request.

Las'la Crimsonwing

Las'la Crimsonwing was an Avian who fled his native village to live with his Grounded wife. Initially, he had secretly held on to his belief in Kluex, but gradually came to lose his faith, which culminated with his brother Shir'en being chosen as an Ascendant and leaping from the Celestial Tower.

Mallard Wrenolds

Mallard Wrenolds was the captain of a smuggler airship, hired by Greenfinger of the Floran to deliver Avian power crystals in exchange for a number of Drysap concoctions. The smuggler was coerced by an Avian mechanic into giving him several of the crystals. Disgruntled by his recurring attempts at blackmail, Wrenolds captured the mechanic and locked him in the cargo hold. The captive broke out using a makeshift power armor and thrusters, built from the machinery in the hold.

Rochard Hawkwings

Rochard Hawkwings was an Avian author who opposed the Kluex religion. He's notable for penning The Kluex Delusion.

Roger Seabird

Roger Seabird was a renowned literary critic. At one point, he wrote a negative review of Treeio Florstab's Floran Peace, criticizing it harshly.

Shir'en Crimsonwing

Shir'en Crimsonwing was the brother of K'arn Hollowbeak and an Avian chosen to become an Ascendant. Going against the wishes of his family, he leaped from the Celestial Tower. He survived due to landing in a bale of hay, but he suffered a concussion and was disqualified from the Ascension.


Skydiver was an Avian chosen to become an Ascendant. He leaped, and died in the process.

The Iron Avian

An unnamed Avian, he was originally trained to become an Ascendant. At one point he fled and started working aboard an airship as a mechanic.

Fond of creating all kinds of contraptions, he attempted to coerce smuggler captain Mallard Wrenolds into giving him a number of power crystals to use as components, which he used to create a robot companion. Nonetheless, the machine turned rogue due to the actions of a Hylotl stowaway, and had to be shut down. Eager to try again, the mechanic sought more power crystals from the smugglers.

His second attempt at blackmailing backfired when Wrenolds locked him up in his ship's cargo bay. Nonetheless, using the parts within, the mechanic managed to escape, using a metal suit of armor that he assembled from the parts in the cargo hold.


Thornwing was the leader of an assassin order known as the Ring of Thorns, and a former candidate for Ascension.