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Crew Member

A crew member role. Can provide player buffs and status effects.

Chemists are a crew member role for player ships. Their uniform color is yellow.

Chemists have 4 sub jobs; blue chemist, green chemist, orange chemist, and yellow chemist. It is possible to tell what sub job a particular chemist has before recruiting by looking at the stim pack that they are carrying. The color of the stim pack matches their sub job.

Chemists will engage in combat using either Pistols or Shortswords. In addition, they will attempt to buff you periodically when brought alongside you on a planet. Once recruited, a permanent status effect such as rage, jump boost, speed boost or glow will also be given to everyone entering your ship.

20160824181838 1.jpg
Role Ship Status Effect Traveling Status Effect
Blue Stim Pack Icon.png Blue Chemist Status Jump Boost.png Jump Boost (persistent) Status Jump Boost.png Jump Boost (temporary - 30 seconds)
Green Stim Pack Icon.png Green Chemist Status Run Boost.png Run Boost (persistent) Status Run Boost.png Run Boost (temporary - 30 seconds)
Orange Stim Pack Icon.png Orange Chemist Status Rage.png Rage (persistent) Status Rage.png Rage (temporary - 30 seconds)
Yellow Stim Pack Icon.png Yellow Chemist Status Glow.png Glow (persistent) Status Glow.png Glow (temporary - 90 seconds)