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Crew Member

A crew member role. Provides professional combat support when tagging along with their captain.

Outlaws are a crew member role for player ships. Their uniform color is black.

Outlaws function nearly identical to Soldiers, being able to use two-handed weapons such as Broadswords and either Assault Rifles or Shotguns. As such, they share the same strengths and weaknesses provided by a Soldier. The main difference between the two classes is their method of recruitment:

Outlaws can only be recruited through quests in which you are assigned to kill an Outlaw humanoid who is noticeably more powerful than the average enemy found on a planet. When brought down to 1/2 hp or lower during combat, the Outlaw has a chance to surrender and request that you put away your weapons, allowing you to possibly recruit them. However, if the player accepts the Outlaw's surrender, they may instead choose to betray your trust and force the fight to continue. If this happens, the Outlaw is not recruit-able and must be killed. However, if the Outlaw kills the player, and the player returns to face them again, they may surrender a second time; they may legitimately surrender on the next encounter, allowing them to be recruited.

This is the only way you can recruit Outlaws, and as such makes it the only class with different method of recruiting compared to the other crew classes.