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Wiki Page FTL Fuel Hatch

File Details

File Name apexfuelhatch.object
File Path assets\objects\ship\apexfuelhatch
inventoryIcon fuelhatchicon.png

Data Values

Key Value

objectName apexfuelhatch
rarity Common
race apex
printable False

description Accepts Liquid Erchius as fuel for the ship's FTL dive.
shortdescription FTL Fuel Hatch
apexDescription The FTL drive fuel hatch. Converts fuel into freedom.
avianDescription The FTL fuel hatch. Let's load it up and take to the stars!
floranDescription Fuel hatch for FTL drive. Let'ss fill it up!
glitchDescription Excited. This hatch fuels the FTL drive so that I may visit planets outside of this system.
humanDescription The ship's fuel hatch. With fuel for the FTL drive I can explore outside this system.
hylotlDescription The humble FTL fuel hatch. Fuel is the lifeblood of exploration.
novakidDescription FTL fuel goes in here!
tags apex