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Article Page

Wiki Page Blue Light

File Details

File Name bluelight.object
File Path assets\objects\generic\bluelight
inventoryIcon bluelighticon.png
Sound Effect /sfx/objects/fluorescent_light_quiet.ogg

Data Values

Key Value

objectName bluelight
rarity Common
category light
price 60
race generic
printable False

description A cold blue light.
shortdescription Blue Light
apexDescription These lights give off a cold blue hue.
avianDescription This blue light makes my shiver, although it isn't actually cold.
floranDescription Floran thinksss blue is okay colour. Not asss good as green or red!
glitchDescription Intrigued. Why does this light make me feel so cold?
humanDescription Blue lights, for when you want to give a room a cool atmosphere.
hylotlDescription This blue light reminds me of sunbeam filtered through sapphire oceans.
novakidDescription This light's like a cold burnin' star, though a little smaller.
tags light