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Wiki Page Docking Field (Small)

File Details

File Name dockingfieldsmall.object
File Path assets\objects\space\dockingfield
inventoryIcon dockingfieldicon.png

Data Values

Key Value

objectName dockingfieldsmall
rarity Common
category wire
price 0
race generic
printable False

description This energy field can contain both atmosphere and artificial gravity.
shortdescription Docking Field (Small)
apexDescription A space docking field, this energy contains the atmosphere inside.
avianDescription The energy in this docking field contains air and gravity inside.
floranDescription This crackling energy containsss air inside.
glitchDescription Informed. This field is a special energy type meant to contain atmosphere and artificial gravity.
humanDescription This type of energy field can contain atmosphere and gravity inside space structures.
hylotlDescription Docking fields like this are common in space, they make quite effective airlocks.
novakidDescription This here energy field keeps air and gravity inside and space outside.
tags station