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Game FAQ

Why doesn't my assets unpack?


What is Starbound?

Starbound is an game currently being developed by Chucklefish. It's available to purchase. For more information check out our game overview.

When is the game being released?

It's been officially released to 1.0, so now you can hop in and play the full release!

What platforms will Starbound be available on?

Starbound is playable on Windows, Mac, and Linux. It's also been confirmed to be available on PS4 and PS Vita in the future.

How much does it cost?

Cost start at $15. This includes the game with a Steam key, nighty access and a download link to the Soundtrack. You can view information and pre-order the game here. After purchase, the game will be available through steam to play.

How many races are there?

There are 7 playable races, the ones being Human, Hylotl, Floran, Avian, Apex, Novakid and Glitch.

Help! My Game Crashed!

Go to your C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Starbound\storage directory and find the "Starbound.log" file and post it in the bug reports section, with details leading up to the crash. Also list any mods that you have installed, if any.

What's this "Nightly Build" I keep seeing/hearing about?

It's a development build for Starbound that gets updated as-is every night, this is an extremely buggy build testing new features and elements that isn't in the stable version of Starbound, you can easily opt in for free at any time and play on this build to test stuff out if you want to.

Beta FAQ[1]

This is information for the Beta releases of Starbound, some may or may not be up to date.

How can I get access to the beta?

Access to the beta will be available to players who pre-ordered the game before the beta launches. It will also be available for purchase through the Steam Store for Early Access for $15.

When will the beta be available?

The beta will be available December 4th, 2013.

What is different about each playable race?

Lore and cultural differences, eventually their quests. Right now the differences in armor and clothing are aesthetic.

Will the beta have a specific sub-forum for suggestions and bug reporting?

Yes. The day of beta release, the Official Starbound Forums will have one.

Is there an option to create server side characters?

Characters are saved locally. Characters will be able to get saved server sided later into the beta or release.

Will the steam version ALSO have the Soundtrack included?

Not sure yet. Molly is checking up on that. It may be part of the Steam download. We will let you know.

Is the mob capturing/training system implemented?

Not yet. Hopefully very soon.

Is the music system already in the beta?

It is! You just need to find an instrument.

How will updates be handled?

Automatic updates!

Will we have to make an account, and will character names be saved. (example there can only be one "Ghostar" or can anyone make a "Ghostar")

You won't need to make an account.

You mentioned before that characters we make in the Beta will be deleted on other updates, can you shed some light on why exactly?

Characters may be deleted because they may become incompatible with updates. So don't get too attached yet.

Will there be a linux version of the server available as well?


Will mechs be in the beta?

You can expect a few.


Not yet.

Am I allowed to post or stream footage of the beta to Youtube/Twitch/etc, even if I'm making money off of it?​



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