Spawn Liquid Command

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/spawnliquid is an admin command that spawns a quantity of liquid at the mouse cursor. If you want to spawn liquid as an item that you loot, use /spawnitem instead.

  Usage: /spawnliquid liquidName [amount]
Example: /spawnliquid healingliquid
Example: /spawnliquid healingliquid 100

Liquid Types

Spawn Liquid Name Liquid Type Spawn Item Name
water liquidwater
lava liquidlava
poison liquidpoison
tarliquid liquidoil
healingliquid liquidhealing
milk liquidmilk
corelava Lava (planet core type)
fuel liquidfuel
swampwater swampwater
slimeliquid liquidslime
  • If you want to spawn the liquid itself, use the spawn name on the left.
  • If you want to spawn liquid as an inventory item, use /spawnitem with the names on the right.