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Cooking items that can be used to craft the simple meals of a Campfire.


Camp Fire Cooking.png Campfire
Campsite cooking.
Recipe Output Category Ingredients Crafting Tab Teaches
Prepared Food Bread Icon.png Bread (1)
Egg Icon.png Egg (1)
Prepared Food Potato Icon.png Potato (1)
Prepared Food Mashed Potato Icon.png Mashed Potato (2)
Food Raw Steak Icon.png Raw Steak (1)
Food Raw Fish Icon.png Raw Fish (1)
Food Raw Ribs Icon.png Raw Ribs (1)
Food Raw Tentacle Icon.png Raw Tentacle (1)
Prepared Food Rice Icon.png Rice (1)
Prepared Food Tomato Icon.png Tomato (1)
Prepared Food Corn Icon.png Corn (1)
Prepared Food Carrot Icon.png Carrot (1)
Food Raw Bacon Icon.png Raw Bacon (1)
Prepared Food Pearlpeas Icon.png Pearlpeas (1)
Food Raw Ham Icon.png Raw Ham (1)
Food Raw Poultry Icon.png Raw Poultry (1)
Prepared Food Mushroom Icon.png Mushroom (5)

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