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The asset tree contains all game assets that are loaded during gameplay. It is the central location modding work takes place. By modifying the files contained in the assets directory, Starbound can have its existing content changed, removed, and new content added.

The asset tree location is defined by bootstrap.config. By default, it is the assets directory in the root install directory.

Individual mods each have their own asset tree. These are created and placed in the mods folder of the Starbound install directory. Each mod has its own *.modinfo file that contains information for loading the mod. Any modinfo file in the mods directory tree will be loaded into the game. For consistency's sake -- all references to any root mod folder will just be referred to as Assets as that is the root of the core game files.

Asset Tree Contents

Folder Description
Assets Contains configuration for core game systems.
Assets/animations Contains reusable animations.
Assets/augments Contains item and buff augments.
Assets/biomes Biome definition - Ore distribution - Generation pattern code
Assets/celestial Contains images and animations for the star map and planets in the sky background.
Assets/cinematics Contains cinematics setting up the story for each race when starting a new game
Assets/codex Contains codex entries.
Assets/damage Animation definitions on response to hit
Assets/dungeons Dungeons, Micro Dungeons
Assets/effects Contains effects for tech etc.
Assets/humanoid Base Character images and associated frame files.
Assets/interface GUI images plus configuration files.
Assets/items Contains definitions and images for usable items and equipment.
Assets/leveling Contains mathematical functions for various aspects of the game (e.g. animation curves, damage curves).
Assets/monsters Contains images, definitions, and scripts for monsters.
Assets/music Contains background music.
Assets/npcs Contains images, definitions, and scripts for NPCs.
Assets/objects Contains definitions for placeable objects. subfolders sort objects into race/category.
Assets/parallax Contains images for background parallax.
Assets/particles Contains images and definitions for particle effects.
Assets/plants Contains images and definitions for foliage and trees.
Assets/projectiles Contains images and definitions for projectiles.
Assets/quests Contains definitions for quests.
Assets/recipes Contains crafting recipes.
Assets/sfx Contains audio files for sound effects.
Assets/ships Contains background images and structure definitions of player ships.
Assets/sky Contains images and animations for the sky.
Assets/songs Contains ABC format songs for in game instruments.
Assets/species Contains player information for species (e.g. racial crafting recipes, sfx, name generation).
Assets/statuseffects Contains definitions for temporary effects on entities (e.g. poison, speed boost).
Assets/tech Contains definitions and scripts for techs.
Assets/terrain Contains terrain generation parameters for planet surface generation.
Assets/tiles Contains images and definitions of blocks.
Assets/treasure Contains definitions for pools of items (e.g. chests, drops, merchants).
Assets/weather Contains definition of weather effects (e.g. rain, snow).

Specific File Types

File Type Description
Frames Dictates frame names of sprite sheet

Config Files

File Description
assets.config [File does not exist in assets as recent as version 1.3]
asteroids_worlds.config Defines parameters for generating Asteroid Field "worlds"
authmunin.config [File does not exist in assets as recent as version 1.3]
blueprint.config Defines the default text for generated blueprint items
celestial.config Defines the parameters for generating the galaxy
client.config Defines the parameters of the game client
codex.config Defines the default text for generated codex items
currencies.config Defines parameters for currencies
default_actor_movement.config Defines some default parameters of entities
default_configuration.config Defines default parameters for the game client (This appears to have been removed or renamed)
default_movement.config Defines some default parameters of entities
dungeon_worlds.config Defines the parameters for instanced worlds like the Outpost or The Erchius Mining Facility
emotes.config Defines phrases that trigger player emotes
farming.config Defines parameters related to immersion of crops in water and crop growth
help.config Defines command descriptions when using "/help"
highlights.config Defines highlight overlay states when using scan mode
humanoid.config Defines rendering parameters for humanoid entities
hunger.config Defines phrases used for hunger levels
instance_worlds.config Defines the parameters for instanced worlds like the Outpost or The Erchius Mining Facility
interface.config Defines position and setting of interface elements
itemdrop.config Defines item movement parameters, such as pickup range, throw velocity, and fall speed
lighting.config Defines rendering parameters for lighting
liquids.config Defines liquids
merchant.config Defines default merchant shop parameters such as buy and sell factors
metamaterials.config Defines metamaterials not already specified by the game engine
panes.config Defines tooltip parameters
perf.config [File does not exist in assets as of version 1.1.1]
planetgen.config Replaced by terrestrial_worlds.config
player.config Defines initial states of a new player including animations, warmth, and blueprint tiers
playermodes.config Defines player difficulty parameters
radiomessages.config Defines default parameters for radio messages from entities such as SAIL
rails.config Defines friction and speed limits for platforms traversing various rail components
renderer.config Renamed rendering.config
rendering.config Defines parameters for the renderer
server.config [File does not exist in assets as recent as version 1.3]
sfx.config Defines audio parameters for sound playback
sky.config Defines rendering parameters for the sky
songbook.config Defines how symbols in .abc song files are converted into musical notes (?)
spawning.config Defines default parameters for monster spawning as well as common kinds of monster spawns
streamingvideo.config [File does not exist in assets as of version 1.1.1]
system_objects.config Defines parameters for explorable ships, stations, and anomalies
systemworld.config Defines parameters for star systems
terrestrial_worlds.config Defines the parameters used to generate planets
universe_server.config Defines various server-side parameters such as starter planet requirements
universeflags.config Defines conditions for universe-wide flags, such as Outpost unlocks
weather.config Defines occurrence chances for weather types

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