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Starter Ships
In Starbound, traveling from planet to planet is done via interstellar ships. These ships are different for each starting Race, and other races' ships are available to players later in the game. There are a total of six known ships for the, currently, six known different races.

Interacting with the captain's chair will bring up the Navigation Console, which allows the player to set a ship's destination. Player-specific planetary homes may also be set via the Navigation Console.

A sufficient amount of Fuel is required to activate the FTL jump drives in order to fly to other planets. After a destination has been reached, the ship will remain in orbit until directed to a different location via the Navigation Console or directly via the Coordinates system.

Ships can be used as a home base, containing storage and crafting apparatuses that follows the player from planet to planet. Developing a customized ship layout that works for the player is part of the game; the back walls, the door, the lights and such can all be safely destroyed and replaced if the player chooses to do so.

After completing milestones in the main questline players will unlock the ability to Upgrade their ship's size.

In multiplayer mode, If you are on another player's ship and try to control it, You will control your own remotely instead.

Ship Components


Ship Locker.gif
The shiplocker is a storage container where players can store items on their ship. By default the shiplocker has 64 inventory slots.

Fuel Hatch

Fuel Hatch.gif
The fuel hatch is how players can refuel their ships. It will break down raw fuel type ores to fuel which refills the ships fuel gauge and allows it to travel. The fuel costs for FTL travel include: 1 fuel for jumping to another planet within the player's current planetary system, 50 fuel for jumping to another planetary system within the player's solar system, and 200 fuel for jumping to another solar system in the current sector, or a different sector.


The teleporter is used to travel to and from a ship. You will appear on top of the teleporter when returning to your ship or when teleporting to another player's ship. You also have the option to warp to your home planet, if you set one earlier.

Tech Station

Tech Station.gif
The Tech Station is used to equip techs found on planets, and to 3D print objects previously scanned through the 3D Printer. Up to four techs can be equipped at once, but only one can be active at a time.


Starter Ships


Apex Starting Ship
The Apex starter ship is ultramodern, with a smooth, streamlined shape and elegant electric lights. It looks the most futuristic of the available ships at launch.


Avian Starter Ship
The Avian starter ship resembles the ancient theme of the race, even appearing to be powered by a large red crystal which is seen frequently in Avian Villages as torches.


Floran Starter Ship
The Floran starter ship appears to be a stolen Apex ship, overgrown with vines and plants that twist around every beam inside and outside the ship. Even the engine has vines clinging to it. While not identical to the Apex starter ship, it is very similar in shape and design, and when the pilot seat is examined, Floran characters will observe that it "smells like Apex butt". Ship upgrades have been shared for the Floran Ship, but have not yet been implemented.


Human Starting Ship
The Human starter ship looks very militaristic, with a flat gray color and red accents. Ship upgrades|link=Human Ship have been shared for the Human Ship, but have not yet been implemented.


Hylotl Starting Ship
The Hylotl starter ship resembles a large koi fish, with scales and fins. The lighting inside the ship is a Paper Lantern, keeping in line with the stylistic theme of the race.


The Glitch Starter Ship
The Glitch starter resembles a castle with turrets and a (non-functional) cannon.

Human Mothership

Human Mothership
This is a large-scale ship which is currently in game as textures but has not fully been implemented. The ship contains a bridge, factory, hangar, creature laboratory, docking room, engine room, bar, sickbay and a viewing deck.


The Novakid starter ship has not yet been released, though a Novakid ship resembling a steam locomotive has been seen in concept art.


Work on ship upgrades have been made, they're currently available in the nightly test build to players.

Planned evolution of the human ship.

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