Miniknog Stronghold

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The Miniknog Stronghold is the Apex themed mission, possessing a Difficulty Tier of 6. It takes the player through an incursion into a well protected Apex facility. The mission begins outside the facility where the player talks to an Apex rebel named Lana Blake. Then they will descend into an underground Apex laboratory full of Apex Mutants, Miniknog soldiers and scientists. After dealing with the guards and activating several levers, the player enters a mansion-like building. Eventually, they will enter a large room with two large digital screens displaying a picture of a proud Apex. Here, the player shall fight the Big Ape projection. After his defeat, the player will take the Apex artifact, the Genesis Coil, and recruit Lana to Esther's cause.

Guaranteed Treasure

Generated Treasure

Boss Encounter

The mission's boss is a giant Apex hologram head of Big Ape which is sustained by four hovering projectors.

Secret Areas

There is a secret room that contains the Right Translation Wheel. To unlock this room, you must find a valve wheels and a console. The wheel is near the chest containing the Miniknog Helmet, and the console is in the room overlooking the elevator. Once you have activated these, you must go back to the room at the very far left of the underground tunnels where you encounter the first Miniknog Scientist, and on the far left wall, you will find a secret door elevated off the ground. Behind that door will be a hatch, and if you activated the wheel and console the hatch will be unlocked, leading to a chest containing the Right Translation Wheel next to a large carving of a tentacle.

Generic Container Treasure

Generic Container Treasure Quantity Weight Chance
Mission Treasure 2 0.4 40%
Mission Treasure 3 0.3 30%
Mission Treasure 4 0.2 20%
Mission Treasure 5 0.1 10%
Total Weight 1.0
Special No Du plicate Rewards
Mission Treasure Quantity Weight Chance
Money Treasure 1 0.3 27.3%
1 0.05 4.5%
Common Gun 1 0.05 4.5%
1 0.1 9.1%
1 0.1 9.1%
1 0.15 13.6%
1 0.15 13.6%
10 0.1 9.1%
1 0.05 4.5%
1 0.05 4.5%
Total Weight 1.1

After-Boss Chest

After-Boss Treasure Quantity Weight Chance
1 Always Appears
Random Rewards 5 0.5 50%
Random Rewards 6 0.5 50%
Total Weight 1.0
Random Rewards Quantity Weight Chance
1 0.1 10%
20 0.1 10%
1 0.2 20%
1000 0.1 10%
Uncommon Gun 1 0.1 10%
1 0.15 15%
Uncommon Melee 1 0.15 15%
Shield 1 0.1 10%
Total Weight 1.0
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