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Rhopunzel was a graphic artist with Chucklefish who worked on Starbound. She was also an artist on the game Gnomoria.

The in-game mineral "rhodium" was named after Rhopunzel, who also goes by Rho. The name was later changed to Cerulium Ore.

Rhopunzel amicably left Chucklefish around August 2014 for personal reasons.[1]


Rhopunzel created the sprites for the player Ships and their upgrades. She also conceptualized the Floran species, eventually creating their look and lore.

Much of her work focused on sprites and animations for many unique monsters in the game, as well as some mechanics and cutscenes. These included:

Bio originally on Starbound's Team page

I’m Rhopunzel. With my mighty axe guitar I produce the best pixels you’ve ever seen. I still say waz a lot.[4]

Early Public Interviews

Himygameis.com - July 2013
Ihatemmorpgs.com - July 2013


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