Glitch Knight

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Glitch Knight
Unique Monster
Base Health 75 HP
Base Damage 15 HP
Found In Glitch Evil Fortress

Glitch Knights are Glitch who have taken up arms and gone on horseback to protect their liege's castle against all intruders. They are the second line of defense of Glitch Evil Fortresses and are both swift and deadly, able to run down most interlopers and destroy them with their powerful charge. It is best to bring a gun to attack from afar if one plans to fight this enemy, but they are surprisingly fragile and a strong enough melee attack will bring down the horse in short order. Once the horse is destroyed, the Glitch riding it will dismount and attempt to continue fighting, but they are no more lethal than any other Glitch guard in this form.

Despite their power, these mounted Glitch are large enough to where they cannot enter or exit through ordinary doors like a player can. An alternate strategy is to simply place a block at about chest level with where the Glitch would be, and bait them into running into the barricade. It is simple to finish them off from there.

As this enemy is classified as a Monster, its health and damage scaling is that of a monster rather than that of an NPC. However, the dismounted Glitch still has the health and damage scaling of an NPC.

This enemy was first revealed by Rho via twitter: YOU HAVEN'T EVEN SEEN MY ULTIMATE FORM[1]